08.30.15 // Day 4 : The First Time I Visited NYC

September 15, 2015

Walking out of the subway station, I glanced up from the ground to realize that I wasn’t surrounded by tall, slender Europeans anymore.  It was men and women of my height, speaking in what I can only make out as Cantonese!

I was completely in awe with Chinatown.  I was most attracted to the classic and vintage appeal of the business and apartment buildings all along the streets.  It was good to see the other cultures thriving in Manhattan!  To give us further insight, we took a tour at the Tenement Museum.  It’s definitely a must-see, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different families and living conditions back in the day.  It reminds you of how lucky you are to have a family that sacrificed so much to give you a better life.

With the help of my cousin, he led us through Chinatown until we finally hit a street made of cobblestone.  It was SoHo!  Each store was breathtakingly beautiful that all I wanted to do was just hug everything in it!  Due to its feminine and modern presentation, Prada was my favorite store of all.  For any fashion lovers out there, SoHo will definitely be your favorite place.

We eventually made our way into Brooklyn again, checking out the infamous bridge and neighborhood.  Dumbo (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) was just an introduction to what was to come next.  It was kind of cool to know that TVLand’s Younger filmed here for one of their episodes.  Yes, I am a huge fan of that show.  We walked over to Brooklyn Bridge Park, which immediately felt like a date spot — seriously, couples everywhere!  The skyline was absolutely beautiful, especially with the sound of waves crashing in the river.  By being on the other side of the city, you’ll notice what a jungle New York is.

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Tenement Museum


Somewhere in Chinatown



Dumbo, Brooklyn // Is it just a coincidence that the Empire State Building is at the center there?

Brooklyn Bridge Park


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– Lori