#TravelThursday : A Weekend Getaway

January 4, 2018

Towards the end of the summer, I was in desperate need of a mental break.  Work was a bit crazy for me, especially since I was tackling on new responsibilities without the #bosslady.  Not as if it I hadn’t done the work before, it’s just the fact that I was juggling so many projects at the same time, all of which had tight deadlines.  All I remember from the month of September was going to bed thinking about work, and waking up thinking about work.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one feeling a bit overwhelmed – my best friend had just started a new position as a nurse, so she found herself going crazy too.  What to do when you’re just about to explode?  We pulled an all-nighter, driving out of Los Angeles, passing through Vegas (both of us were mind blown about what lied beyond the strip) and found ourselves at Zion National Park in Utah.  Both my bestie and I were running on zero sleep, so you can just imagine how tortuous it was driving that blacked-out highway.

After being on the road for six hours, bestie and I, finally, arrived at Zion National Park – a place that I’ve been wanting to check-off of my bucket list.  The first thing we did was head-up to The Narrows, a pretty easy hike for people with tired eyes.  The Narrows requires you to tread through the Virgin River, which is about 16-miles in length.  Bestie and I did the typical 2-3 hour hike, which I believe is 3-4 miles to and back, starting from the Temple of Sinawava.  The time that we were there, the water was only up to our knees, which I’ve heard can go up to your waist line if you proceed deeper into the hike.  During this hike, I found myself laughing a lot, and that’s probably because I kept being sucked into the sand.  Not only was I laughing to myself, but the strangers around me couldn’t help but crack up at the fact that I couldn’t pull myself out!

The following day, bestie and I, originally, had planned to check-out Angel’s Landing, which was noted to be an extremely strenuous hike.  But due to the fact that bestie was bit fearful of how difficult the hike appeared, we decided to head over to Observation Point instead, which was noted to be just a strenuous hike.  Oh boy, was I SOOOO glad that we did not end up doing Angel’s Landing because Observation Point kicked-my-fucking-ass!  Literally, not within 5-minutes of the hike, I was already out-of-breath.  From that moment on, I knew I was going to have a rough time.  Not only was I was dealing with being #hangry, I was nearly this close in knocking the next person out, who would tell me again, “You’re almost there!”  Cursing at mother nature, I grew extremely silent as bestie and I made our way up the mountain – when that happens, you know it’s best to leave me alone.  As we approach closer to Observation Point, all that feeling of frustration vanished – mother nature turned out to be beautifully, breath-taking…

Want to hear the most funniest part of all this?  After returning back from Observation Point, bestie and I had strongly believed the hike was altogether a 16-mile trail, to and back.  The hike that bestie and I both agreed would be our first and last time to ever do, turned out to be only an 8-mile hike, to and back!  Like, what the hell…

Aside from all of that, if you ever decide to visit Zion National Park, be sure to check-out Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.  Bestie and I “glamped” out there, since it was the only available space near the park, which I had, later, discovered why – who the hell “glamps” in 30-degree weather?!  The difference between camping and “glamping” is that there’s electricity (and if you’re lucky, there’s a flushable toilet and showers next to your already-made tent).  The resort gives you the option to either camp, glamp or rent a well-heated cabin on the facility.  They also provide you an itinerary of the day-to-day activities available, from rock climbing to star gazing.  If bestie and I had more time, we would have taken full advantage of the place.

Check-out some of the highlights below:

After our weekend getaway, I definitely felt rejuvenated to push out the last of our client’s launch.  All I needed was a bit of the grand outdoors to help me re-focus my energy.  Aside from that, I was, especially, excited because it was literally just one-month before I take-off on my Europe trip!  Stay tune to read all about it next week 🙂