#MusicMonday : City of the Sun @ The Viper Room

October 5, 2015

If you’ve already checked out my previous post, you’ll know that I had discovered my love for the band during my visit to New York.  To those of you who aren’t quite familiar with City of the Sun, it is an instrumental band that consist of John Pita (guitarist), Avi Snow (guitarist), and Zach Para (drummer/percussionist).  They are known for their “re-invention of acoustic music,” where their sound is simply created out of a box, bells, and guitars.

What had attracted me to City of the Sun is how worldly their sound is.  It’s mesmerizing and alluring in a sense that if you ever heard them from a great distance, you’d come running towards them.  Their music provoke emotions that you didn’t even know you had.  As humble as they appear, City of the Sun is a great representation of artists who are true and passionate of their craft.

From New York, City of the Sun have traveled to the west coast this month.  Last night, I was able to see them perform at The Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard.  One of my favorite songs from the set list is, “In The Beginning,” which gives you a preview of how talented these musicians are.  To get the full experience, City of the Sun are performing tonight at 8pm in Bardot on Vine Street so go check them out!

If any of you have been fortunate enough to hear them busking through town, please let me know what your experience was like by leaving a comment below!  I would love to talk it over with another fan!


Have a great Monday!
– Lori