#MotivationMonday : Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

September 28, 2015

With all these social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, it’s hard not to compare yourself to others.  You’d begin to wish for things you don’t have, and forget all the things that you do have.  Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Not everything you see online is always what it seems.  People are selective about what they choose to post, and most likely it’s always going to be something that will make them look good.  For instance, you’ll probably find updates from people who have recently visited Paris, obtained a new job at Google and recently got engaged, but rarely do you see the in-between details or what goes on behind-the-scenes.
  • We are all different.  People may have similar stories to tell, but never are they the same.  Each and every one of us have been given a different circumstance in life, and therefore faced different struggles and celebrated different experiences.
  • It’ll keep you from making the right decision for yourself.  With all these updates on how well these people’s lives are going, you can’t help but feel a bit discouraged.  You’ll find yourself making choices that will only get the satisfaction of others, but not yourself.  It’ll be a pursuit to replicate a life of another, but not a story that is yours.
  • You’ll lose a sense of self.  Comparing yourself to another person will only lower your self-esteem.  You’ll only focus on the flaws that you do have, eliminating all the great things that make up who you are.
  • It’s a battle that you can’t win.  It’s true, you’ll discover that it’s not fair to compare yourself to the lives of others.  It only takes you down a narrow, dark path that will always leave you unhappy.

I believe, that to be happy, you have to make it happen because it’s not something you can wait around on. And in doing so, you need to stop comparing yourself to others!  Because ninety-nine percent of the time that you do, you’re not being fair to yourself or the rest of the world.

Where ever you are in life, I hope that you find a way to let go and appreciate yourself more.  I know I’m working on this every single day, and it’s always an internal struggle.  You can start every morning with one quality that you’re proud of and one thing that you’re grateful for.  For instance, I am proud to be an outspoken woman and individual, and one thing that I am grateful for is my family, who keeps me that way.  Please share below one quality that you’re proud of and one thing that you’re grateful for!


Have a wonderful Monday!

– Lori


Image via Tumblr

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