#TipTuesday : Don’t Forget To Follow-Up!

October 13, 2015

One of the most important part of job hunting is to follow-up.  For some reason, people tend to ignore this portion of the process because they don’t believe it’ll make a difference.  I will admit, sometimes it doesn’t.  For instance, a friend of mine consistently followed-up on the status of her application for weeks, and never received a phone call or an in-person interview.  However, I also have a friend that did the exact same thing until the hiring manager finally gave in. The hiring manager decided to meet with him, and, eventually, offered him the job.


Typically, there are two occasions of when you should follow-up:

  1. After submitting your application for a position
  2. After meeting with the hiring manager in an interview

If you’ve submitted an application through the company’s website, it’ll be a little tricky to follow-up, especially when the hiring manager’s name and contact information is not listed.  You can call the company, and be directed to the recruiter in the HR Department, but I, personally, don’t recommend that tactic because it’s ineffective.  Instead, do some research.  Find out who the hiring manager is for the department you’ve applied for, and directly give them a call or an email.  With the resources we have today like LinkedIn, you should be able to find the person you’re looking for.  I even found people’s contact information on press releases!  Now, check below to see an example of a follow-up via email:

After an interview, it is highly recommended that you follow-up via phone or email. Try sending out an email once you get home from the interview, and do it no later than 5pm because that’s typically when people are out of the office.  If not, schedule an email for the next day at 10am (people are typically more responsive at that time) or give them a call. Check below to see an example of a follow-up via email:

One of the great things about following-up is that it shows hiring managers your persistence, and interest in the position.  So, don’t ever hesitate to send out an email every two days until you get a response. Like what my recruiter friend says, it’s better to pester them about it than sit around waiting.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a message below!


Good luck!

– Lori


P.S. ***Please note that you should NEVER copy these examples word-for-word.  These are merely samples of what a follow-up email looks like.  So, please personalize your follow-ups!***


Image via The Muse & Business News Daily