#WisdomWednesday : It’s Never Too Late To Intern

October 14, 2015

Besides lacking the inspiration to write, I was also very busy trying to figure out my life.  Ever since I got back from my trip, I had to work out what my next move was.  It’s already been a year since I’ve graduated, and I am still looking for that job in the fashion industry.

So, in order to keep myself within the fashion realm, I got myself an internship.  I’ve recently started interning at a local pr agency in The Arts District of downtown Los Angeles.  The team here is amazing!  They definitely get the work done, and know how to enjoy themselves while doing it.  What I love about the staff is that they actually want to teach you the necessary skills needed in a workplace.

Here, I am maintaining the showroom, assisting with gifting, compiling clips from print and online features, tracking celebrity and blogger placements, and creating pitches for the upcoming season.  Even though I had experience in these responsibilities, I still feel as if I am starting over.  Regardless, I am definitely fortunate to be here, and I desperately trying to show them what I got!

It’s definitely never too late to intern.  When I was interning at my first showroom, I was working alongside a 33-year-old intern, who was changing careers.  So, don’t ever deny yourself an opportunity due to a number!  Even though most of these internships are unpaid, it will never amount to the new skills and experiences you’d be obtaining.  Lucky me, the agency that I’m interning with believes in educating those passionate enough to learn, not who is willing to fetch them coffee.  Like the owner says, “We aren’t that kind of agency.”

If you are going through a similar situation right now, please feel free to share your interning experience(s) below!


Happy Hump Day!

– Lori