09.04.15 // Day 9 : The First Time I Visited NYC

September 20, 2015

It’s true what they say about New York — you can be sure to find something new every day.  What I learned during my time here is that the people are direct and straight to the point, it’s always in motion, and the subway is the most brilliant means of transportation ever — I wasn’t happy about coming home to the 5 FWY!

It’s difficult to choose just one day out of the whole week as my favorite.  I had enjoyed every minute of my stay there, and felt very at home.  Seriously, I got that city down!  For those of you who have been in both cities, we can all agree that Los Angeles is a bit more relaxed than New York.  If you were to ask me which city I liked better, I wouldn’t be able to give you an answer — I love the beach, but I also love the city.  However, I would say this, New York would be the best place for any twenty-something-year-old, whose trying to pursue his or her career.

Well, this concludes my travel updates on NYC, and I hope you were able to take something valuable from them.  If you have a favorite spot or memory from your own visit to New York, feel free to leave a message below! I would love to hear it!


Have a wonderful Sunday!

– Lori