#TOTD : Bring It, 2018

January 2, 2018

Even though I had stepped into the year on a sour note, 2017 turned out to be my favourite year, thus far, which explains why I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to it just yet (hence, the delayed post).

If we take a look at my professional life, I did end up getting a promotion, where I am now managing people.  My financial management skills has gotten way better, where I am now putting it towards adult shit (oh, how millennial of me).  Crossed-out the last item off of my childhood “goal” list, which was to get my ass to London, Paris and Rome – something that I’ve attempted to achieve several times over the past few years (also something that I have yet to share with you all).  Developed stronger friendships with the people I made the year before, and I’ve learned to trust my friends can pretty much take care of themselves.

2017 felt more settled than any other year, and 2018 will be more defined.  What I mean by that is I, now, have a greater knowledge and wisdom that can be passed onto others.  There’s a lot that’s going to happen in 2018, which makes me rather nervous, but I’m so ready to tackle it heads-on – it’s because I crave that shit.

My goals for the new year has been shifting lately, and that’s probably because for the first time, I actually do not have a I-need-to-do-this-or-else-kind-of-goal.  Everything is dependent on factors that I have no control over, so you’ll notice my goals are pretty basic:

  • Chef Laurie (thought I’d go with a fancy spelling).  Not really trying to be a chef, but I do want to spend more time in the kitchen (sounds totally wrong).  I’d like to cook more than what I do now, as I have just discovered the peacefulness in laying out ingredients, throwing them altogether and creating a dish that I can actually enjoy.
  • Off To Scandinavia!  Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland are the next destinations on my list for next fall.  Why these countries?  I want to head-straight into places that is a total opposite of California, and Scandinavia is the place for it!
  • Open Up Your Mind. Can’t stress enough how much I have been working on this.  I don’t remember saying this before in a previous post, but sometimes I find myself seeing things as black and white, when there is actually a gray area.  It’s affecting all aspects of my life in a negative way, so this is something I am constantly working on.
  • Continue To Practice Patience.  Got my grandfather’s genes!  I’ve learned that timing is everything, and I just have to trust that everything is going to be okay.  Sometimes, there are certain things you can’t rush, and try to take control of.  Trust in the timing!
  • Take More Risks.  Half of me can be very spontaneous, while the other half plays it safe.  This past year, I took my chances in the work environment and got myself somewhere I didn’t expect.  For 2018, I want to take more risks in my social life like accept more group invitations, get back in the dating game and do whatever people are doing nowadays.

This new year is going to be a tough one for me, but I’ve learned that I can definitely take on whatever I set my mind to, so bring it 2018!

Aside from that, I hope everyone had a wonderful new years 🙂 I had celebrated the new year in Vegas with my family, and couldn’t feel more grateful for them.  Vegas has been a bit quieter than previous years’ due to the shooting a couple of months ago – something our government needs to start addressing as we consistently encounter these situations…(yeah, had to throw that in there).

Either than that, Happy New Year, everyone!