#WardrobeWednesday : Wedding Style Guide Pt.2

September 21, 2016

Weddings are always so much fun!

Not only do I feel honored to be a part of the bride and groom’s special day, but I get to witness one of the many heartfelt moments in life — the celebration of L – O – V – E.

Even though the wedding that I had attended over the weekend was for a cousin who I have never, ever met before, it was still beautiful to see how happy people were.  For some reason, this wedding was filled with distant cousins whom I had just met for the very first time.  No worries about how awkward the night could have turned out because I ended up partying with them anyways.  Thus, bringing me to say that weddings are even more awesome because it brings people together.

Aside from all the lubby-dubbiness that I’m shedding on here, you can probably guess why I especially love going to weddings…dressing up of course!  Take a look at what I wore to a wedding same-time last year here, and check out what I had put together just recently below:

Top: Ribbed Cutout Crop Top by Lucy Paris // Bottom: Floral Print Pleated Midi Skirt by Lucy Paris // Footwear: Cathy Suede Pumps by Saks Fifth Avenue

My outfit was picked-up through a sample sale that I had previously interned over the past year in Los Angeles, but if you’re interested in locating these items, you can find them at Revolve and Bloomingdale’s.

Besides getting to know my family members, I got to camera-whore at the photo booth (can never get sick of those I might add), danced the night away and took full-advantage of the open bar.  But, what made my night even more memorable was the fact that my mother willingly took sips of my drinks.  I mean, who knew my mother was a whiskey-kind-of-woman!

So, thank you to the newly wedded couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wu, for a wonderful night, and congratulations on this new, exciting chapter in your lives.