#FridayFunday : It’s All Grand At The Grand Ave Arts

October 30, 2015

Days like these are always the best!

I spent the past weekend being a tourist, exploring parts and bits of Downtown LA that I call my home.  There was actually an event on Grand Ave called the Grand Ave Arts: All Access — an event where the arts opened their doors to the public with free tours, admissions, performances, screenings, and more!

The most popular of them all was The Broad, which recently opened this past year.  The Broad was offering architectural tours of the building, lobby, and an exhibit on the third floor.  Unfortunately, I was unable to go that day, but I did reserve tickets for next month so I’ll just wait then.  There is a separate line for walk-ins, but I suggest getting there early since the line builds up!

My friend and I ended up checking out The Museum of Contemporary Art, where they offered free general admission.  This wasn’t my first visit to the MOCA, and I have to say, I like the exhibit this time around.  One of the pieces I admired was a light bulb that extended to the outlet on the other side of the wall.  I’ve interpreted the work as a symbol of people’s willingness to do anything for an outlet…

We also took a look at the Disney Concert Hall, where we saw a screening of John Williamson being honored.  John Williamson is known for creating the theme songs to Jaws and Star Wars, including the “Imperial March.”  I’m hoping to catch a performance there one day!

But, before all this exploration, my friend and I grabbed lunch at the Grand Central Market.  The Grand Central Market is like the Chelsea Market in New York and the Anaheim Packing District in Orange County.  We waited forty-five minutes for Eggslut, which was the biggest fad this past summer.  You can read all about my review here!

Across the market is the Bradbury Building — it’s been used in movies like 500 Days of Summer.  My friend and I actually caught ourselves in the middle of a performance by The Industry.  There were musicians, dancers, and singers walking through the staircase, making an eerie yet alluring sound.  I just love stumbling into things like this!

Days like these help you become aware of the present moment.  It allows you to fully observe with what’s going on around you, leading to newfound discoveries.  Exploring new places, including my own backyard, is exciting to me, and I’m sure it is to you too so share some of your memories where you’ve explored your own backyard!

Before I close for the weekend, I just want to wish you all a spectacular, spooky time!


Happy Halloweve!



– Lori