#MotivationMonday : It Takes Courage To Be A Woman

October 19, 2015

“It takes a lot of courage to be a woman!” shouts Jackée Harry while a roar of applauses echoes through the crowd.  As people shouted in agreement, I was trying to figure what she meant by that.  How is it courageous to be a “woman” when they don’t have a choice in the matter?

Well, it’s not a matter of choosing to be a “woman,” but the matter of dealing with the cards given to you as a “woman.”  The roles women have been identified with are given at the exact moment they are born like how “women should only be in the kitchen” stereotype.  Women will be scrutinized for their appearances; women will face the challenges of unequal pay; and women will continue to feel unsafe when walking to their cars.  This concept that Jackée introduces emphasis how ALL women live courageously.  Because, let’s face it, it’s tough being a woman!

Jackée Harry, whom you may know as Sandra Clark on 227 and Lisa Landry of Sister Sister, was one of the key note speakers for the Ultimate Women’s Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  It is an event that introduces local business from all things lifestyle.  There were cooking, baking, and sewing demonstrations, where the free make-over demos were the most popular.  My sister and I instead took advantage of the free wine tasting at the sample booths.

But, I didn’t come for the free samples or demonstrations — I wanted to be surrounded by other inspiring women!  After Jackée gave her introduction and answered the audiences questions, she gave us one final advice — women should stop being critical of one another and start supporting each other.  Women shouldn’t be putting each other down, but bringing each other up.  We’re at our strongest when we’re working together!

So, start reminding the women in your life how important they are!  Because most likely they need reminding.

Have a wonderful Monday!

– Lori