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#WardrobeWednesday : Fall/Winter Style Guide Pt.1

November 4, 2015

It’s difficult to differentiate between the two seasons in SoCal.  First, the leaves doesn’t change here like that of Boston or New York.  Secondly, the temperatures doesn’t drop until November, and it’s typically 50-60 degrees until Spring.  Thirdly, instead of snow, we get rain, but it hasn’t rained much over the years so it’s all been sunshine.  However, this year, we’re expecting LOTS of downpours — over 30 inches of rain with El Niño coming in.  Maybe it can help get us out of this drought!

To prepare for this upcoming wet season, I’ve created a Fall/Winter Style Guide for you featuring my Coat Wishlist!  Instead of using Polyvore, I thought I’d exercise my photoshop skills to create this visual.  At my internship, the publicists have been teaching us how to create them for the pitches they are presenting.  Check out what I’ve put together for you:

You can find these items at the links below:


  • Moto Authentic Denim Borg Western Jacket, Topshop – click here
  • Long Coat, Zara – click here
  • Stadium-Cloth Cocoon Coat, J.Crew – click here
  • Faux Fur Trim Anorak, DKNY – click here
  • Mai Coat, Mackage – click here BUT you can find a similar, less-expensive one here

Coats are just one of the many reasons why I love the cold!  I’ve included jackets in the wishlist as well — I thought that people like me who don’t live in the snowy parts of the world will need something much lighter than a wool coat.  If you haven’t already, check out my post on 10 Fall Must-Haves.

Hope you enjoyed this piece I’ve created for you, and if you’d like to share your coat wishlist, feel free to submit one in the comments below. If not, it’s a good idea to get a list going anyways, especially with the holidays just around the corner!



– Lori

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#TrendingThursday : Dress Like A Rockstar!

October 15, 2015

As I have previously mentioned, I’ve been into the music scene lately so I thought I’d share with you an outfit I had put together for a show at The Viper Room — you can read all about the City of the Sun’s performance here.

Coincidentally, that same weekend, mother nature decided to bless us with some rain and cloudy skies, which I’m sure Los Angeles was really excited about — I know I was!  So, I busted out my fall/winter necessities, and decided to put on my go-to outfit for concerts and gigs.  Check below to see what I mean:


Find similar items here:

  • Leather Biker Jackets.  It’s definitely a Fall Must-Have, which I’ve discussed here.  This item is also a street style trend so everyone should have at least one leather jacket in their closet.  Right now, I’m looking for the “perfect” leather jacket, which is proving to be an impossible task.  But, I don’t give up too easily, so I will definitely let you know if I do find it!
  • Flannels.  Woven, plaid flannels are also a fall/winter favorite.  I, typically, find great flannels at active stores like Vans, Pac Sun, or Active.  You can find Volcom’s “Echo Ls Woven,” which is patterned like the flannel above, but in black and grey. If you’ve clicked the link, you’d noticed that I’ve led you into menswear. That’s because I like the very loose, over-sized look and, typically, I use flannels as a cover up.  Sometimes, for certain items, I prefer men’s clothing over women’s.
  • Loose Tees.  Whether it’s a crew-neck or v-neck, I cannot say this enough, loose-fittings are the best!  Check out Madewell’s “Slub V-Neck Pocket Tee” for some great quality t-shirts.  Don’t look into Forever21 because your shirt will just shrink or tear apart after one wash.  Sometimes, it’s better to spend a little extra dough on a staple piece.
  • Black Skinnies.  The above skinny is the Joe’s “Flawless-Icon Skinny Jeans,” which is one of my favorite denim brands next to Hudson Jeans.  What’s so great about these jeans is that they give you a nicely shaped butt, especially when you don’t have one!
  • Booties.  This is also a Fall Must-Have, which I’ve discussed about as well.  My favorite brands are Sole Society, Dolce Vita, and, sometimes, Steve Madden (heels and sandals hurt my feet, but booties do not for some reason).

And if you feel like it top it off with a hat!  However, in this case, I decided to leave the hat at home.  Since The Viper Room is a small space, I didn’t want to obstruct people’s view when watching the show.  I know, I know…I’m so darn considerate.

Before you run off, take a look at the outfit set I’ve created below — you can find the details here.  Regarding the printed t-shirts, you can actually find these at thrift stores.  Recently, I did make a stop at the local thrift store, and found a John Lennon “Imagine” Tee for only $5!  The only problem is is that the t-shirt was a men’s medium, so the hem went below my knees.  If you’re not into thrifting, you can always check out Hot Topic for band tees!

If you have any comments or questions, leave a message below!  I would love to hear what your “rockstar outfit” looks like as well!


Have a great #TrendingThursday!
– Lori


Image via Polyvore

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#FashionFriday : NYFW Spring/Summer 2016 Recap

September 25, 2015

As I was leaving New York, people were coming in from all kinds of places for fashion week!  It started from September 10th to the 17th, featuring designers from Opening Ceremony to Marc Jacobs.  This past fashion week included plenty of neck-plunging dresses and wide-legged trousers.  People aren’t tired of the comfy and chic look, so loose-fitting clothing appeared all over the runway.  What I, specifically, love is the continual combination of the masculine and feminine styles!  Check below to see some of my favorite collections:

Ulla Johnson

Marissa Webb

Michael Kors Collection

Public School

Vera Wang


Here are some looks from the front row:




London Fashion Spring/Summer ’16 (LFW SS16) is coming to an end, and based on my Instagram feed, there’s a lot of great stuff going on on those runways! Let me know what’s your favorite collection so far!



– Lori


Image via Vogue and Getty Images

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#WardrobeWednesday : 10 Fall Must-Haves Pt.1

September 23, 2015

Fall is officially here!  Although it’ll continue to stay a little warm in SoCal, knowing that we’re just days closer to some rain gets me very excited!  Since today marks the first day of the season, I thought it’d be appropriate to give you a post for #WardrobeWednesday!  Check below to see the 10 pieces I’ve put together for this Fall Must-Haves:

  1. Saddle Satchel.  I’m pretty sure you’ve seen all the bloggers and celebs carrying this styled item around, and I’m pretty sure that it’s here to stay.  Check out Neiman Marcus’ Saddle Crossbody Bag — it’s a last chance item so get it while you still can!
  2. Turtleneck Sweaters.  This item has returned, and it is a great opportunity to pair it with a wide-legged trouser that appeared all over fashion week.  I, specifically, like loose, oversized-sweaters that keep me cozy for the chilling season!  Take a look at Zara’s Sweater With Turtle Neck.
  3. White Blouses.  Definitely a must in your closet, and designers clearly made it a statement at fashion week.  Check out New York and Company’s Tie Front Ruffle Blouse for something different!
  4. Faux Fur Vests.  It’s a great item to layer onto your outfits!  Look at H&M’s Faux Fur Vest — it’s inexpensive compared to others I’ve seen.
  5. Light-Weight Trench Coats.  Because SoCal is expecting lots of rain this year, a light-weight trench coat would be a great purchase for when it arrives.  You can find plenty of them on ASOS, such as the ASOS Trench With Waterfall Front.
  6. Leather Biker Jackets.  It’s a go-to item for me, whether it’s for a casual brunch to a night out of town.  I’m through with my last leather jacket, so I am in the process of finding a new one.  With items like this, I tend to take a little more time in the search since I am particularly picky about it in style and price.  Check out BLANKNYC’s Moto Jacket, which you can purchase at REVOLVE Clothing. 
  7. Button-Down Skirts.  A 70s’ inspired piece that I’ve seen in almost every fashion boutique and store.  You can find one in faux leather or corduroy at Zara as well.  Look into Zara’s Short Corduroy Skirt.
  8. High-Waisted Flare Jeans.  Another 70s’ inspired look that’s been making its way in and out of the fashion community are the high-waisted flare jeans.  Put on some heels, and you’ll have legs for days!  Check out Hudson Jeans’ Mia Flare Jeans (Oracle)which is sold at Nordys aka Nordstrom.
  9. Booties.  It is a staple piece so you should definitely have a pair in your closet!  Sole Society has some great comfy, stylish shoes — it’s actually one of my favorite brands!  Here’s Sole Society’s Talisha Tassel Heeled Bootie.
  10. Over-The-Knee Boots.  Tall boots are also a staple piece.  When it comes to shoes, I tend to spend a little more money on than any other piece in my wardrobe, especially when I know a certain brand lasts a lot longer than most.  There’s the Stuart Weitzman Rockerchic Suede Knee Boot that plenty of bloggers and celebs have continuously adorned.  Out of all the products I’ve listed, this is the most pricey.

Be sure to find soft, natural tones for your closet like green and brown.  Right now, the combination of the shades orange and brown have been very appealing to me so I’ll be trailing off of my black wardrobe for a bit.  Also, stick to fabrics like wool, suede, velvet, and leather.  Because fall is still a bit warm in SoCal, lace and chiffon continue to be manageable for the season.

If you’re just as excited for fall as I am, then tell me what is your favorite fall item?


Happy Hump Day!

– Lori


Image via Polyvore

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#WardrobeWednesday : Dress For The Airport Pt.1

August 26, 2015

Catching a flight pretty soon?  Well, it doesn’t hurt to look your best and feel comfy at the same time!

You can always resort to the track suits or sweats, but if you’re anything like me, you’d like to look chic even if it’s just for a plane ride.

Check below to see what I like to wear when I step off the plane:


  • Tops.  Oversized sweaters, v-necks, crop tops, t-shirts, and anything else that allows you to move your arms around.
  • Outerwear.  It’s always cold on the plane, so make sure to bring a jacket, cardigan, sweater, sweatshirt, or a blazer to cover yourself up.
  • Bottoms.  No shorts, skirts, or dresses because that would be an uncomfortable situation.  These are pieces that you constantly have to ensure nothing flashes out. And because a plane ride is never fun to be on, why not make your life a little easier by sticking to pants?  I always shoot for my favorite black pants, which are similar to H&M’s Slim-Fit Pants.  They are super-stretching, which makes it easier for you to move around in!
  • Shoes.  Choose from sneakers, flats, slip-ons, and booties.  I highly recommend shoes that require socks just because when the airport makes you strip down, your bare feet wouldn’t be touching the nasty floors.  And as you probably already know, NO HEELS.
  • Accessories.  No need to over accessorize because you’ll most likely have to take all of your bracelets, necklaces, and rings off for security check.
  • Bags.  Satchels and cross-bodies are the easiest to use when traveling around.  Handbags that literally requires your hands or forearms to carry around is not ideal when there’s a lot of things going on.  Heavy, structured hand bags are ideal for dinner dates, but not when you’re being a tourist in a foreign environment.

Well, what happens if you’ve got a business meeting to attend to right after your flight and there’s absolutely no time to get to your hotel to change?  That’s why you’d bring your business suit into the plane as a “carry-on” and change in the restroom upon your arrival!  I mean, you got to do what you got to do right?

I’ll be jetting off soon so I won’t be updating on the daily.  But, if you want to stay posted on my adventures in NYC, check out my Twitter and Instagram!


Ciao For Now!

– Lori


Image via Polyvore

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#WhatsInMyBagWednesday Pt.1

August 19, 2015

You can’t have a fashion lifestyle blog without a What’s In My Bag post!

Check below to see what I’ve been carrying around!

The handbag I’m using is one of Kate Spade’s Trapeze Bags from last season.  I, typically, carry larger bags because I like to bring my whole house with me.  It’s good to be prepared!


  • Wallet.  It’s a Kate Spade Newbury Jane Saffiano Black Leather Neda Zip Around Wallet.  I purchased this about 1-2 years ago, and I haven’t replaced it since.  It’s one of my favorite purchases of all time just because it’s exactly what I was looking for.  Take a look at Kate Spade’s Cedar Street Lacey for something similar.  Like most of you, my wallet carries the typical necessities such as the driver’s license, personal business cards, etc.  Check out my post on Interview Essentials Pt.1, where I briefly mentioned where I got my personal business cards.
  • Planner.  There’s a calendar on my phone, but I choose not to use it.  I like to keep things old school!  In here, you’ll find all of my plans, schedules, and notes that I scribble in.  It’s one of the many ways to keep yourself organized throughout the day.
  • Pen.  Duh, I need this to write in my planner!  It’s one of the many tools that always comes in handy.  For example, I was gathering up a few items for my friend’s birthday at the very last minute, and one of them was a birthday card.  It would have been nice to have a pen around to write a cute message in!
  • Prescription Glasses.  Sometimes wearing contacts can bother your eyes, and you’ll eventually want to take them out.  I suggest keeping your prescription glasses in your bag as back-up.
  • Sunglasses.  In SoCal, sunglasses aren’t just an accessory…it’s a necessity!  My favorite styles are the aviators.  Be sure to invest in a good pair since the sun can be damaging to your eyesight, especially while driving.  Check out Ray-Ban’s Aviator Classics G-15 if you’re looking for shades!
  • Makeup Bag.  If I have plans after work, I always bring my makeup bag.  It’s good to retouch your face a bit for the next plan or destination on your schedule so that you can look fresh and new.  Usually, I just touch up the lashes and lips.  Tune in the next few weeks, where I’ll be talking about my favorite makeup products!
  • Lip Balm.  My favorite lip balm at the moment is the Maybelline’s Baby Lips Dr. Rescue, which has proven to be very effective.  One of the physical features that people will notice about a person is their lips.  So, if you want good-looking lips, rehydrate them on the daily!
  • Lotion.  Nobody likes dry hands so I use Nivea’s Creme, which you can locate at any drugstore.  It moistens the skin throughout the day without having to reapply.
  • Floss.  It’s never a pretty sight when you have food stuck in your teeth.  That’s why I carry floss with me all the time.  I’m even thinking about bringing a tooth brush with me…
  • Gum/Mint.  It’s always a big turn-off when you’re talking to someone with garlic breath.  So carry a pack of gum or mint to freshen up that mouth of yours.
  • Medication.  Like my mother, I carry a small bottle of Advil just in case I get the migraines or cramps…
  • Water.  It’s been heating up in California so I’ve been carrying a water bottle with me.  It’s good to stay hydrated so make sure to get your daily dose of H2O!
  • Others.  What’s not pictured here, but, typically is always in my bag are my pack of tissues and hand sanitizer.  They’re little essentials that I like to have around, but tend to run quickly out of, so it’s time to make a Target run!  Also, I didn’t include my stun gun in the picture. Unfortunately, we live in a society where we don’t feel safe walking to our cars.

Out of the list above, the one item that I can’t live without is my lip balm, and its the only thing that I lose all the time!  I’m pretty sure you have this problem too…

Let me know what’s one item from your bag that you can’t live without!


Happy Hump Day!

– Lori

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#FashionFriday: Zara’s Mock Croc Messenger Bag

August 14, 2015

Zara finally got some new inventory in today so I stopped by to check it out.

If you’ve looked at their Autumn/Winter 2015 Campaign, you’ll notice a lot of their pieces are inspired by the 70s.  I’m definitely looking forward to the suede skirts, bootcut trousers, and printed tunics!  But, of course, they’ve continued to maintain the tailored, classic look that they’ve carried on so very well.  I’m noticing a lot more wools and leather garments that are popping out with color.

I, especially, noticed the Mock Croc Messenger Bag, which I ended up purchasing for $76.19.  I absolutely love it because of the two materials its made out of — a mocked croc and faux fur.  Here are the following details of the bag:

  • A double, faux fur flap with a magnetic closure
  • Two pockets to hold your belongings
  • Adjustable straps with gold embellishments

Have you noticed the one item that every fashion blogger has been carrying around lately?  This summer’s favorite bag is Chloé’s Faye Shoulder Bag, which Aimee Song from Song of Style and Julie Sariñana from Sincerely Jules have been using in almost every outfit.

I feel like the Zara’s Mock Croc Messenger Bag is a slight replication of that so I’ve prepared a outfit set called One Bag, Two Looks for your viewing pleasure!  Check below to see how I paired Chloé’s Faye Shoulder Bag with a casual and evening look.  You can easily use Zara’s Mock Croc Messenger Bag to pull off the looks as well!


– Lori

Image via Polyvore

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#WardrobeWednesday : Summer Favorites Pt.1

August 12, 2015

Shirt dresses are this summer’s must-haves!

These items have been merchandised everywhere, and they come in a combination of denims, prints, flannels, button-ups, and more.  I tend to stick to the boyfriend, button-ups, and denim styles, which are loose and not body-hugging.  You can find some of my favorites at the following location — Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, and Forever21.  If you’re looking for something inexpensive, I suggest heading to TJ Maxx — my sister just recently found a variety there!

Below is how I typically pair a shirt dress for a summer day:

  • Accessories.  My choice in accessories depends on the style of the shirt dress. For example, I target long, un-clustered necklaces for a t-shirt dress, specifically gem stones, crystals, and feathers. One of my favorite accessories of all time are hats.  My favorite place to go to for a decent quality, reasonably priced, wide-brimmed, fedora hat is Topshop.  Typically, nicer hats ranges from $75 – $100.
  • Shoes.  The most popular choice for shoes this summer are the lace-up ankle boots.  I’m currently waiting for Public Desire’s Anya Lace Up Boots to restock, which I’ve heard are really comfortable!  Besides pairing booties up with a shirt dress, you can also go with sneakers, Chuck Taylors, and some fancy sandals like gladiators.
  • Miscellaneous. To add a little twist to your outfit, you can always take a flannel or denim shirt to wrap around your waist.  You’ll find this convenient when it gets a little chilly, and you can then use it as a coverup.

I should mention that most of my wardrobe are black.  Typically, you shouldn’t be wearing black in the summer, but I say the hell with that!  There’s an article by Connie Wang on Refinery29 that talks about wearing black in the summer.  From my experience, wearing black in sunny California is doable, and a lot depends on the fabric of your outfit.  For example, don’t wear leather in the heat. You’ll be sweating buckets and your clothes will stick to your skin.  Just stick to fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk.

Check out the laid-back look I had on for a quick bite to eat in the OC this past weekend: 

Hope these suggestions were helpful, and if you want to further check out my outfit sets, click here!


Ciao For Now!

– Lori

Image: Anaheim Packing District, Location


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#WardrobeWednesday : Style Influencers

August 5, 2015

Vogue’s Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour, stated briefly at NYFW 2015 that “Fashion today is so much more about individuality and [about] reflecting on [a] woman’s character than trends.  Trends to me is a dirty word.”

I couldn’t agree with her more – fashion is not about what’s “in” and “out” but an embodiment of who you are.  One of the great things about growing up is being able to define your own sense of style through experiences and influences.

My taste in fashion didn’t just come out of nowhere — I was influenced by designers like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who created the lines The Row and Elizabeth and James.  These ladies are well-known for their over-sized wardrobe, adding a twist of masculine and feminine features to fit the modern-day look.

Nowadays I’ve been going posh. See what I did there?  What’s so great about Victoria Beckham’s style is that she uses simple, clean-cut pieces that create an effortless, bold effect.  It’s as if she didn’t have to try to get ready!

Not only do I admire a lot of these designers out there, but I also follow a community of fashion bloggers as well.  Here are some of the fashionistas that I’ve been inspired by lately:


As you can see, these are just some of my style influencers.  Today, this is where my fashion sense have taken me, and it will only continue to evolve as I age.  However, I doubt that I’d be wearing pink anytime soon…


Remember, as Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”   



– Lori


Image Source: Getty Images

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#MotivationMonday : Introductions

August 3, 2015 is an aspiring fashion and lifestyle blog that will deliver personal and professional endeavors to the average twenty-something-year-old.

Each week, I will update you on a variety of topics that will be accompanied by the following #hashtags:








Overtime, these #hashtags will change just because I like to mix things up a bit!

The reason why I’ve created this blog is because I wanted to document my sense of style, do-it-yourself projects, places I’ve visited and recommend, and the journey in paving my career.  I, especially, wanted to create a place where people can connect, so I highly encourage conversation.

I truly believe we are all an artist — an artist that is painting the canvas that is our life.  It’s no denying that great ideas and innovation come out of people who are open and courageous enough to share who they are.  And that’s what I hope will do – to inspire you, to encourage you to try new things, and to know that you are never alone!


I hope you’ll enjoy your time here as much as I do sharing my experiences with you.


If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to find my bio.



– Lori

 Credits: Priscilla Mancilla, Photographer

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